About Us

The Secretariat of Congress on Commemoration of Allameh Mullah Abdullah Bahabadi Yazdi has been founded by the Institute for Islamic Sciences and Culture on the request of officials of Bahabad City to commemorate the scientific efforts of Allameh Bahabadi. To this end some actions have been decided to be taken:

1-      Inviting scholars from seminaries, universities, academic centers and research institutes to conduct exclusive studies on Mullah Abdullah's ideas and works

2-      Compiling companion on Allameh Bahabadi

3-      Planning for publication of a single volume of the proceedings of the congress

4-      Conducting interviews with Grand Ayatollahs

5-      Planning visits with authoritative jurists and outstanding clerics

6-      Founding specialized website www.molaabdellah.ir in Persian, Arabic and English

7-      Preparation and publication of special issue

8-      Holding the policy making council

9-      Founding executive committees

10-  Ordering a documentary on Mullah Abdullah's life and ideas

11-  Lobbying with journalists to cover the event


کلیه حقوق این سایت برای پایگاه علامه آخوند ملا عبدالله یزدی بهابادی محفوظ است