- Dr. Abedini (Medical University of Kashan)




Logic lies at the basis of philosophy and has been continuously pursued by the scholars of rational sciences. Having said this, why there are so many opponents of logic in the history of Islamic sciences?

 As you know we have had both opponents of philosophy and logic but it was not so that every opponent of philosophy to oppose the logic too. Ghazali is the most notorious opponent of philosophy in the whole history of Islamic philosophy but he never did oppose logic rather he wrote some works on logic. But there are still some scholars who had been an opponent of both disciplines and regarded them heretical. Anyway when one approaches the opponents of the rational sciences one finds them so shallow-minded that there is no occasion for more elaboration in this regard. However, many gifted scholars have devoted themselves to revive these disciplines in the history of Islam. Mullah Abdullah is one of these luminaries.

Where does Mullah Abdullah's gloss on Tahzib stand in the history of logical works?

Logic in Aristotelian sense is a science that has reached its great heights in Avicenna. After Avicenna no one has ever done a major work but casting light on some dark sides of his theories. However, Mullah Abdullah's gloss is a work that contributed to the process of promotion of this science in the history of the discipline in Islamic countries. It remained unrivalled until the appearance of Muzafar's Logic and I believe that if this latter work was not authored Mullah Abdullah's work was still studied widely in the academic circles.




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