Mullah Abdullah's Glosses on Tahzib has a rich content

IMAGEMullah Abdullah's Hashyah is unrivalled in summarizing key points in logic. There is no other work that can be aligne

d with this brilliant work in this respect, the member of Experts Council of Leadership said.

Such conferences as the commemoration of Allameh Bahabadi can enrich the spiritual capital of our community and help the new generations to know their luminaries. These events need to leave the solitude of libraries and auditoriums and bring themselves among the laity. To this end we should mobilize all possibilities to hold a successful conference, Rev. Islami added.

کلیه حقوق این سایت برای پایگاه علامه آخوند ملا عبدالله یزدی بهابادی محفوظ است