Mullah Abdullah was a paragon in training and writing


Seminarians can approach Mullah Abdullah as a pattern of training

and writing, the member of the society of teachers of Qom Seminary of Theology said. Rev. Mahmud Rajabi added that Mullah Abdullah represents one of the prominent figures of Safavid Era who was so influential both in the domain of training brilliant students as well as writing references in different areas of Islamic knowledge.


Such events as the international conference devoted to the commemoration of Mullah Abdullah are vital in reviving the rich Shiah Islamic culture. These events help the young generation to know their historical figures and luminaries and make them immune to the threats of self-alienation and westoxification, Rajabi said.

We have to pay our debts to such luminaries as Mullah Abdullah Bahabadi through publication of his works and authoring works on his ideas and life, Rev. Rajabi added.




کلیه حقوق این سایت برای پایگاه علامه آخوند ملا عبدالله یزدی بهابادی محفوظ است