Rev. Wae'z Musawi: seminarians have to refer to Mullah Abdullah's Glosses for getting to grips with the issues of logic


Seminarians must refer to Mullah Abdullah's glosses for a dependable knowledge of the logical issues, the member of Experts Council says.

Mullah Abdullah's glosses on Tahzib al-Mantiq offers a truly helpful guide for those seminarians who are interested in the minutiae of logic, Rev. Wae'z adds.


This seminal work has always been cherished by the luminaries of Islamic Seminaries and is still received warmly by the students and seminarians. I hope this intellectual heritage to be preserved along with other Islamic resources for next generations. Commemoration of Shiah and Muslim dignitaries introduces the Muslim youth to indispensible Islamic contributions to civilization, Rev. Wae'z Musawi concludes.