Allameh Bahabadi was a jurisprudent of philosophical and logical taste (Rev. Mohammad the chief of society of principles of jurisprudence of seminaries of theology)

Though Allameh Bahabadi was a brilliant scholar in jurisprudence one need to remember that his most seminal work is in logic. He was also well versed in many other branches of knowledge like classic mathematics. There is a very deep rapport between logic and principles of jurisprudence and mullah Abdullah's Hashyah bespeaks of this rapport, Rev. Muhammadi said.

Such event like this conference help the new generations to know their cultural luminaries. I have taught Mullah Abdullah's Hashyah for many years and in my opinion it is an indispensible textbook for seminaries, the chief of society of principles of jurisprudence said.                                                      

An Analytical Study of life and Ideas of Mullah Abdullah will be published soon

 This work which has been devoted to the life and ideas of Allameh Bahabadi will be released soon. It includes the following chapters:

1- biographical notes on the life, tutors and pupils of mullah Abdullah. 2- an analysis of political issues regarding mullah abdullah's relationship with Safavid court. 3- the role of logic in civilizational developments and the place of Mullah Abdullah's Hashyah 4- political ideas of Allameh Bahabadi 5- concluding remarks

Mullah Abdullah's Glosses on Tahzib has a rich content

IMAGEMullah Abdullah's Hashyah is unrivalled in summarizing key points in logic. There is no other work that can be aligne

d with this brilliant work in this respect, the member of Experts Council of Leadership said.

Such conferences as the commemoration of Allameh Bahabadi can enrich the spiritual capital of our community and help the new generations to know their luminaries. These events need to leave the solitude of libraries and auditoriums and bring themselves among the laity. To this end we should mobilize all possibilities to hold a successful conference, Rev. Islami added.

Mullah Abdullah played an indispensible role in the development of seminaries

IMAGE Allameh Bahabadi was among the scholars who have left an unforgettable impression on the seminaries and revolutionized them in many respects, Rev. Masudi Khomeini said.

This deep impression bespeaks of Mullah Abdullah's distinguished character and thoughts that were far more advanced than his own time. Such event as this conference can help the seminarians and academicians to raise their consciousness of their cultural and intellectual heritage and approach it as a source that can bring about deep developments. Everyone should pay his debt to this heritage and it is up to us not to let this invaluable heritage be forgotten, Khomeini added.


Such luminaries as Mullah Abdullah sustain Islam and Islamic seminaries of theology

IMAGEIslam and Islamic scientific and cultural centers like Qom seminary of theology have survived due to the sincere efforts of such luminaries as Mullah Abdullah Bahabadi, professor of International University of AL-Mustafa said

The seminarians know him first of all by his intelligent glosses on Tahzib al-Mantiq Taftazani. This work is one of the key textbooks of all Shiah seminaries. Mullah Abdullah was also a powerful jurisprudent. He has unforgettable works both in jurisprudence and philosophy, Gharawyan added.

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Mullah Abdullah Yazdi made significant contributions to human culture

 IMAGEMullah Abdullah Bahabadi is one of Islamic luminaries who despite his key contributions to human culture is still unknown to many, Rev. Razawimehr said.

This prominent scholar was a student of Mohaqeq Thani. Vast portion of Allameh Bahabadi's works is in theological matters and tenets. In his Al-Zariah, Aqa Bozorg Tehrani speaks of Bahabadi as one of the brilliant fruit of Najaf Seminary, Razawimehr added.

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Mullah Abdullah was a paragon in training and writing


Seminarians can approach Mullah Abdullah as a pattern of training

and writing, the member of the society of teachers of Qom Seminary of Theology said. Rev. Mahmud Rajabi added that Mullah Abdullah represents one of the prominent figures of Safavid Era who was so influential both in the domain of training brilliant students as well as writing references in different areas of Islamic knowledge.

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Production of a series of programs by Radio Maaref of IRIB on Mullah Abdullah's Life and Ideas

On the request of the secretariat of International Conference of Mullah Abdullah Bahabadi Radio Maaref of IRIB is covering the news of conference and preliminary seminars and has a plan to produce a series of programs on the life and ideas of Mullah Abdullah.

Was Mohaqeq-e Karaki among the tutors of Mullah Abdullah

 Mohaqeq-e Karaki is perhaps the greatest of all the scholars of the first century of Safavid Era. He played a key role in the establishment of a Shiah Government in Iran. His contributions to the Shiah culture are so influential and important that he has been described as a reviver of Shiah in Islam after Khajeh Nasir Tusi

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Rev. Wae'z Musawi: seminarians have to refer to Mullah Abdullah's Glosses for getting to grips with the issues of logic


Seminarians must refer to Mullah Abdullah's glosses for a dependable knowledge of the logical issues, the member of Experts Council says.

Mullah Abdullah's glosses on Tahzib al-Mantiq offers a truly helpful guide for those seminarians who are interested in the minutiae of logic, Rev. Wae'z adds.

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